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Texas starts mandatory cybersecurity training for government employees

by Benjamin Freed

A new law requires nearly all state and local employees across the Lone Star State to undergo annual cybersecurity education.

South Texas districts open cybersecurity careers program

by Betsy Foresman

A new state-funded program seeks to shrink the gap in the IT security workforce by offering digital forensics and cybersecurity training.

How to reduce IT friction and better serve first responders

by StateScoop Staff

For police, fire and other emergency management personnel, IT and communications systems need to work fast, be interoperable and free of IT friction. The most urgent IT needs facing public safety officials today include streamlining data access, increasing productivity of the workforce and improving access and connectivity for first responders, according to state and local officials in a new report. Produced by StateScoop and underwritten by VMware, the report profiles…

How to strengthen security seamlessly with cloud

by WorkScoop Staff

State and local government agencies are turning to cloud to streamline and strengthen their organizations' cybersecurity efforts.

Austin breaks up with paper, seeks digital solutions in 'paper census'

by Chloe Kim

From now through March 23, city residents can share their insights on Austin city government’s paper use thanks to the Austin Tech Alliance, a civic tech nonprofit. The Paper Census campaign will prototype digital solutions in an attempt to move away from traditional paper processes, which the Alliance says are costly and inefficient. “Over the next four weeks, we want to hear from all corners of our community about city…

Startup in Residence expands nationally with aspirations of a civic network

by Colin Wood

Organizers are now setting their sights on economies of scale as the program grows.

San Antonio activates community problem solvers with launch of CivTechSA

by Zaid Shoorbajee

The City of San Antonio is launching a program to help connect technology entrepreneurs with government departments in need of technology solutions. CivTechSA, the city announced in a press release Tuesday, is a partnership between San Antonio’s Office of Innovation and Geekdom, a local coworking space and tech startup incubator. The program is designed to let the local government work with civic-minded developers to come up with solutions to the city’s technological challenges, rather than waiting and hoping…

What climbing Kilimanjaro taught Karen Robinson about IT leadership

by Karen Robinson

A version of this article was originally published on LinkedIn. Inspiration can strike anywhere, including the peak of the highest mountain on the African continent. I remember standing on that spot, more than 19,000 feet above sea level, experiencing a combination of exhilaration and utter exhaustion as I ensured our entire team had successfully made the summit. As I scanned the limitless horizon and watched the most breath-taking sunrise, I…