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‘10 percent’ of Nebraska IT’s workforce is new graduates


State CIO Ed Toner says his key to keeping the state’s technology workforce fresh has been strong partnerships with local colleges. 

Missouri CIO says creativity is needed to address workforce challenges


With not enough funding for new positions or training to keep up with technological changes, state CIO Mike Cheles encourages new tactics.

Delaware IT agency elevates partnerships by embedding staff


State CIO James Collins said he places customer engagement officials in each partner agency to improve how they work together.

College partnerships are keeping Nebraska’s workforce full


State CIO Ed Toner says partnerships with local community colleges have eliminated his office’s workforce problems.

Indiana takes varied approach to workforce development


State CIO Dewand Neely said his older employees aren’t retiring yet, but he’s employing several strategies to be prepared for when they do.

North Carolina’s election-security drills were 2020 preparation


State CIO Eric Boyette said the cross jurisdictional exercises are one piece of an extensive cybersecurity program running throughout the state.

California pursues flexibility in procurement as state modernizes IT


State CTO Richard Rogers says changing the state’s relationship with vendors will ultimately allow California agencies to achieve better outcomes.

Utah considering blockchain for vehicle title transfers


State CIO Mike Hussey said the distributed-ledger technology can reduce time wasted by shuttling documents to and from the bank.

What people get wrong about the cybersecurity workforce shortage

by's Deidre Diamond's talks with CyberScoop Editor-in-Chief Greg Otto about the gaps between applicants and employers in the cybersecurity workforce.

Cybrary's Ryan Corey on closing the cybersecurity workforce gap


Ryan Corey, CEO of Cybrary, talks with CyberScoop Editor-in-Chief Greg Otto at the 2019 Black Hat USA conference about his company's effort to close the cybersecurity skills gap.