Ryan Johnston

Ryan Johnston


Virginia launches state's first digital professional licensing system

by • 1 month ago

More than 300,000 licensed workers can now update their professional licenses using a mobile app, instead of waiting for a paper certificate in the mail.


LA controller debuts data-driven youth development strategy

by • 3 months ago

His plan would use wellness and achievement data to better understand the risks that Los Angeles youth face on a day-to-day basis.


Dallas schools are winning back students with new focus on innovation

by • 7 months ago

Over the last 15 years, Dallas Independent School District has lost 35,000 students to new charter and private schools in the city. The plan to get them back, led by Deputy Chief of Transformation and Innovation Angie Gaylord, is to redesign all 230 schools in the district with new academic focuses. Many schools are getting new buildings and principals, while…


Governors are putting greater support behind education at every age level

by • 7 months ago

The 39 governors elected in states and territories last November represent a wave of education reform and prioritization, according to the National Governors Association. Speaking at the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas, last week, NGA’s lead education policy director, Seth Gerson, described the new class of governors as uniquely education-focused, whether it be on early-childhood education or workforce…


There's a gap in education that only industry can fill, report says

by • 8 months ago

High schools are teaching students a curriculum that prepares them for a future that doesn’t exist, according to a recent report from an education nonprofit. According to the America Achieves Educator Networks, or AAEN — an initiative of the nonprofit accelerator America Achieves, which supports best practices and policy research among K-12 and higher education — if schools can’t understand…


NYU's 'People-Led Innovation' project launches new website

by • 9 months ago

Building on the success of its previous government innovation projects in Chile, Ecuador and Mexico, a governance thought lab at New York University is launching a new tool for local government officials in the U.S. to more quickly and efficiently get the expert insight they need — from their constituents, subject-matter experts and anchor institutions in their communities. The project…