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Nebraska's IT consolidation paid off during pandemic's remote workforce rush

by Ryan Johnston

Consolidating IT functions was already saving the states tens of millions of dollars, but CIO Ed Toner said the project's true value was revealed when the pandemic hit.

Pandemic's budget shortfalls push states toward automation

by Colin Wood

As chief information officers anticipate working with smaller budgets and smaller teams, automating processes, they say, appears increasingly necessary.

Remote work to be a 'lasting feature' for state IT offices

by Ryan Johnston

Several state CIOs predict that widespread telework will linger in government long after the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

‘10 percent’ of Nebraska IT’s workforce is new graduates

by Colin Wood

State CIO Ed Toner says his key to keeping the state’s technology workforce fresh has been strong partnerships with local colleges. 

College partnerships are keeping Nebraska’s workforce full

by Colin Wood

State CIO Ed Toner says partnerships with local community colleges have eliminated his office’s workforce problems.

States are struggling to attract top IT talent from the workforce

by Colin Wood

Attracting new employees is the top workforce challenge facing government administrators, according to a new survey released Monday by the consulting firm Accenture, with 42 percent of respondents citing difficulty in recruiting new hires as their top challenge. The findings affirm concerns raised by top state officials in recent years. The survey, conducted in conjunction with Neogov, a publisher of human resources management software, and the National Association of State Chief…