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Report: GAO telework guidance needs work

by Dave Nyczepir

At least 20 employees whos shouldn't have been able to telework continued to do so out of a sample of 585 employees, according to an audit.

Savings from RPA should be reinvested in IT, says Federal CIO

by Dave Nyczepir

Agencies should plan to take whatever money they save from implementing robotic process automation (RPA) and reinvest it in other information technology projects, Federal CIO Suzette Kent said Thursday. The reinvestments would require a few things to be in place, Kent said. Agencies would have to properly track the budget and workforce effects of RPA, which mimics the

Report: Government can’t quantify automation’s effect on the workforce, yet

by Dave Nyczepir

The Department of Labor should develop better ways to track automation’s effects on jobs because current workforce data doesn’t explain employment shifts, according to a recent report. In analyzing the employment trends and job characteristics of 16 firms researchers felt were susceptible to automation, the Government Accountability Office found those that saw growth in technology

Now’s the time to think about the workforce impacts of automated trucking, GAO says

by Tajha Chappellet-Lanier

What impact might a future filled with self-driving vehicles have on the country’s 1.9 million “heavy and tractor-trailer” truck drivers? GAO identified two main possibilities in a new report published Thursday: Either trucks are going to be fully automated and won’t need drivers at all anymore, leading to a decrease in the amount of work

Keep calm, workforce: There are still too many AI unknowns, experts say

by Carten Cordell

It’s inevitable that artificial intelligence will play a role in the future of work, but exactly what role it will play and how big its effects will be are still largely a mystery, officials said Friday on a panel about government response to the emerging technology. “There’s a lot of hype about we’re all not

CIOs are doing their jobs, even when there’s no policy to do so

by Carten Cordell

Despite numerous laws, executive orders and administrative cajoling, federal agencies still haven’t fully defined the authorities of CIOs when it comes to managing their IT enterprise. As a result, the tech executives are being held accountable for the management and modernization of IT systems, often when they don’t have the workforce or the investment authority