Jackson Barnett

Jackson Barnett


Congress wants to give DOD a top IT workforce recruitment official

by • 2 weeks ago

The latest versions of the fiscal 2020 National Defense Authorization Act would aim to upgrade the Department of Defense’s IT workforce by adding a new high-level position for digital recruitment. Provisions in both the House and Senate versions would make retaining a digitally capable workforce a priority. The new position included in the Senate legislation would


IC needs to share talent, innovation with private sector, ODNI’s Gordon says

by • 2 weeks ago

The talent is out there — it is just not getting to the right places, Sue Gordon, principal deputy director of the Office of National Intelligence, said Tuesday. Gordon cited the need to share talent between the private and public sectors and to rethink the way intelligence workers navigate their careers. The partnership needs to extend


Microsoft launches online AI course for government employees

by • 4 weeks ago

Government workers can now get a tailormade education in artificial intelligence from Microsoft’s AI Business School. The free online course launched Tuesday and will focus on showing government leaders, policymakers and administrators how AI can help improve their services, Microsoft said in a release. The course will follow the format of the Microsoft AI Business


Virginia signs Unisys for $242 million data center contract

by • 10 months ago

The Virginia Information Technologies Agency announced Wednesday it has awarded a six-year $242.4 million contract to Unisys to manage its server, storage and data center services. The contract joins five others already signed by the state and other vendors as part of its new services model that allows a variety of shorter contracts from different suppliers, rather than the single…


Piece by piece, next generation 911 is coming

by • 12 months ago

One of the nation’s most critical systems — 911 — has been a technological laggard for years. That’s finally starting to change, as companies like Apple and Google stir public interest in new features like the ability to share more precise location data with emergency responders. But for infrastructure that has in many places gone untouched for decades and has no…