Jackson Barnett

Jackson Barnett


Army’s new cyber units come with serious workforce challenges, GAO finds

by • 6 days ago

The Army is facing a range of staffing, equipment and training issues as it shifts to face the future of warfare.


Talent exchange programs expanding in the secretive intelligence world

by • 2 weeks ago

The trend of rotational programs and talent exchanges is picking up steam in the IC.


‘In-out-in’ model could be answer to defense workforce shortages, experts say

by • 4 weeks ago

An "in-out-in" model could help train and retain a cyber and defense workforce, panelists at the Aspen Security Forum said.


The AI warfighter is coming, and it starts with dogfighting

by • 1 month ago

DARPA's new Air Combat Evolution program is one step in a tall ladder to get warfighters to trust AI like they do fellow service members.


Why DARPA wants more operational personnel

by • 1 month ago

DARPA needs more operationally minded people to help better assess technology, not just make it.


Congress wants to give DOD a top IT workforce recruitment official

by • 2 months ago

The latest versions of the fiscal 2020 National Defense Authorization Act would aim to upgrade the Department of Defense’s IT workforce by adding a new high-level position for digital recruitment. Provisions in both the House and Senate versions would make retaining a digitally capable workforce a priority. The new position included in the Senate legislation would