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LA controller debuts data-driven youth development strategy

by Ryan Johnston

His plan would use wellness and achievement data to better understand the risks that Los Angeles youth face on a day-to-day basis.

Short on staff, Nebraska taps analytics to spot tax evaders

by Jason Shueh

Nebraska’s Department of Revenue is enlisting the help of analytics experts to identify residents who have neglected to file their taxes. The Revenue Department contracted ASR Analytics, a Maryland-based firm, to hunt for residents who owe the state more than $5,000 in back taxes, the Associated Press reported Sunday. The software being used scouts through the department’s databases and adds extra scrutiny to those with higher than average incomes, those with IRS debt, past non-filers and…

To jumpstart data-driven decision making in government, Socrata launches Data Academy

by Colin Wood

To meet a widespread desire among government entities for “improved data-driven decision making,” data software firm Socrata has launched a new training program for government called Socrata Data Academy. Announced Tuesday as customizable in-person workshops designed “for each organization’s needs,” paired with a series of free online course materials, the Academy seeks to fill gaps in cross-agency data training that some organizations may not be able to provide themselves. Local…

Government's digital transformation should be a constant and sustained process, says Washington D.C. CTO

by Jake Williams

The way government thinks about digital transformation needs to change, said Washington D.C. Chief Technology Officer Archana Vemulapalli. “The whole modernization concept has to change,” she said in a panel discussion Thursday at the Digital Transformation Summit, presented by Dell EMC and produced by FedScoop. “We always think about modernization as a separate one-off effort, but it’s a very core part of delivering service.” Government should take a page from other government agencies, Vemulapalli…

New performance tracking tool gives California city a clearer view into fire dangers, illicit businesses and more

by Colin Wood

Like many jurisdictions, the City of San Rafael has been tracking metrics for years, but officials say the information is now easier to understand and act upon.