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Trump administration releases data skills catalog, ethics framework

by Billy Mitchell

As part of the Federal Data Strategy 2020 Action Plan, the White House recently published a curated data skills catalog and a data ethics framework for public comment.

Army opens its new Cyber Command headquarters

by Jackson Barnett

"The IT is very powerful," Army Cyber Command's top general said of the new headquarters for his command.

North Dakota covers schools' entry fees for national cyber competition

by Colin Wood

The state's IT agency will cover entry fees for up to 25 schools interested in joining the U.S. Air Force's nationwide CyberPatriot competition.

Space Force stresses digital fluency as its builds out workforce

by Jackson Barnett

The Space Force will get an additional 2,400 personnel, who will need to be tech-savvy and digitally fluent, according to one general.

Coming soon: A one-stop-shop for information about DOD’s online courses

by Jackson Barnett

DOD wants its education data to be interoperable, creating an enterprise-wide course catalog recently.

Air Force’s Digital University prepares for launch with a focus on ‘tactical operators’

by Jackson Barnett

The Air Force's new "Digital University" is free for all airmen and civilians working in the department to learn more about cyber, IT and other technical training.

Illinois launches STEM website to improve education access

by Betsy Foresman

A new website showcases STEM resources like career-development events, virtual summer camps and learning centers at local universities or community colleges.

Why Georgia State's new cybersecurity workforce program is different

by Colin Wood

Cybersecurity degree programs and workforce initiatives are sprouting up around academia, but organizers of a new Georgia State University mentorship program say its focus on evidence-based research is unique.

GSA introduces on-demand IT Acquisition University

by Billy Mitchell

The program offers on-demand training content conducted by IT and acquisition experts in the agency's Information Technology Category.