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Biden calls for tech modernization to boost workforce at national security, foreign policy agencies

by Dave Nyczepir

Agencies must recommend innovative ways of recruiting and retaining tech talent, as well as surging hiring during crises like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vermont governor wants IT fund to cover long-overdue upgrades

by Benjamin Freed

Gov. Phil Scott is proposing a $53 million modernization fund, which state CIO John Quinn said would allow Vermont to "start funding IT the right way."

The pandemic isn’t the only thing pushing CIOs to modernize IT

by Dave Nyczepir

Many needs predate the global crisis, according to the Professional Services Council, and will need attention moving forward.

The Navy seeks to integrate all telework capabilities in long-term solution

by Jackson Barnett

The Navy is thinking big on its future telework suite, using more time to develop a broader set of tools that will be more integrated.

How a small group of Marines is advancing modernization with coding

by Jackson Barnett

The Marine Corps needs every manhour it can get. So a small group of Marines have come together to use software to make the corps more effective.

Government's technology officials step out from 'behind the curtain'

by Ryan Johnston

Technology officials said they believe the next 10 years of government IT will be marked by a more integrated environment in which their expertise is brought to the fore.

With a pandemic and hurricane season crushing FEMA, the agency could use some bots

by Jackson Barnett

FEMA said it needs to automate some of its financial management systems to help it respond to crisis like the coronavirus pandemic.

CIO Council report recommends improvements to federal IT hiring

by Billy Mitchell

The report's top recommendation is to create a comprehensive special pay system for IT jobs across government.

Despite old mainframe, Oklahoma's unemployment system holding up

by Colin Wood

Oklahoma officials said they didn't have time to replace the 1980s-era mainframe that its unemployment system relies on, but they were able to layer in cloud-based software to streamline claims approvals.