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Florida selects data vendor for workforce education push

by Colin Wood

The software company Pairin is developing software that its CEO said could "change everything" about how funds are directed to various educational and training institutions in Florida.

Florida budget adds $37 million in cybersecurity spending

by Benjamin Freed

The state's new budget follows recommendations issued earlier this year by a 15-member task force.

Florida lawmakers consider cybersecurity overhaul

by Benjamin Freed

State lawmakers are in the process of approving legislation that would add new security roles at the year-old Florida Digital Service agency.

Florida tracks down 32,000 laptops for students distance learning

by Colin Wood

Partnerships with school consortiums and "proactive" contact with distributors will mean devices for many students attending Florida's small or rural districts.

Stetson U. adds cybersecurity to its degree offerings

by Betsy Foresman

Responding to the rapid rise of cybercrime and the need for improved IT security, Stetson University, a private university in Central Florida, launched on Thursday a new degree opportunity for its students. “Cybersecurity is a big issue that we face every day and it’s a growing concern,” said Daniel Plante, a Stetson professor, in a press release. The program, which launches this fall, will arm students with the skills necessary for…

Cyber ranges are bolstering the workforce in these six states

by Colin Wood

More frequently, states are turning to specially equipped computer labs that provide virtual environments simulating what IT security workers face during cyberattacks. With facilities now in various stages of completion in Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Michigan, Virginia and Georgia, cyber ranges are quickly becoming a mainstay in government’s strategy for competing with the public sector for talent and filling a widening workforce gap. Cyber ranges let users do things they can’t do…

Startup in Residence expands nationally with aspirations of a civic network

by Colin Wood

Organizers are now setting their sights on economies of scale as the program grows.