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Small businesses need continued cybersecurity assistance through pandemic, officials say

by Ryan Johnston

Officials from New York and Philadelphia said their cybersecurity education programs need to reach their communities just as much as they do city employees.

Want to collaborate on cyber? Just ask, city officials say

by Benjamin Freed

Getting state and local governments to work together is all about knowing who to call and being persistent about it, speakers said during an online conference.

OPM director: Skills-based hiring will be ‘particularly helpful’ for recruiting cyber talent

by Billy Mitchell

Michael Rigas said a recent executive order opens a major door for agencies to recruit and interview talented professionals who obtained their skills outside of school.

New Jersey courts CISO attributes stronger pandemic cybersecurity to staff

by Ryan Johnston

Regular virtual check-ins with court staff have had the benefit of strengthening the state judiciary's cybersecurity hygiene.

LA Cyber Lab praised as model for cities sharing threat intelligence

by Benjamin Freed

Cybersecurity officials said the nonprofit organization, founded in 2017, has helped make it easier for small businesses in Southern California defend themselves against online threats.

DHS is rebalancing cyber support contracts

by Dave Nyczepir

The Department of Homeland Security wants to ensure its workforce has the skills needed to respond to evolving threats.

Remote work marked 'culmination' of NYC Cyber Command's cloud initiatives, agency heads said

by Ryan Johnston

Keeping the city government running even when no one's in the office has been a vindication, leaders of New York City's cybersecurity agency said.

State workers more engaged with security since pandemic, CISOs say

by Benjamin Freed

"We have a heightened awareness of how important security is," Colorado CISO Deborah Blyth said during an online event about post-pandemic IT.

Army Cyber Command is ‘evolving’ beyond cyber-operations

by Jackson Barnett

Army Cyber Command's mission is "evolving" to focus on operations not strictly limited to traditional cyber operations, its command general said.