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Eight Virginia universities announce cybersecurity workforce projects

by Ryan Johnston

University students will get experience working on projects related to cybersecurity risk and bio-cybersecurity.

DOD to allow personal phones to access ‘DOD365’ platform

by Jackson Barnett

Acting DOD Chief Information Office John Sherman gave an update on the DOD's new collaboration platform, DOD365.

Former federal CIO applauds additional TMF funding

by Dave Nyczepir

"In a way I’m jealous; I am thrilled that it is funded because the mechanism works and agencies need to drive change," said Suzette Kent.

DOD grapples with the future of its cyber workforce

by Billy Mitchell

"I think the divide between the need is growing compared to what we’re able to fulfill. I’m not sure we’re closing the gap, and time is ticking for us to do so," Lt. Gen. Dennis Crall, CIO of the Joint Staff, said during a hearing.

New bottleneck emerges in DOD’s contractor cybersecurity program, concerning assessors

by Jackson Barnett

The new bottleneck in the DOD's CMMC cyber requirements for contractors program's roll out has assessment companies frustrated.

States can play greater role in shaping grid cybersecurity, NGA says

by Benjamin Freed

Many states have created dedicated task forces and other bodies focused on protecting power utilities from cyberattacks, a new NGA report shows.

Florida lawmakers consider cybersecurity overhaul

by Benjamin Freed

State lawmakers are in the process of approving legislation that would add new security roles at the year-old Florida Digital Service agency.

IT and cyber collaboration was key in Ohio U.'s pandemic response

by Benjamin Freed

A network engineer and a security engineer from Ohio University described how they've worked closely during the pandemic to keep the school's network secure.

Think tank launches cybersecurity training for state officials

by Benjamin Freed

The National Cybersecurity Center's new campaign is aimed at improving awareness among the state legislators who fund IT and cybersecurity policies.