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New computer science task force to guide Arkansas’ educational offerings

by Colin Wood

A new multidisciplinary group is tasked with giving students "the best computer science education possible.”

Cyber leaders need to focus on recruiting early to grow workforce

by Jake Williams

CISA's Rick Driggers, says his agency needs start recruiting talent, even as early as high school, to bring in top cyber workers.

Filling the cybersecurity workforce gap is education’s responsibility

by Eileen Belastock

Commentary: With the huge demand for cybersecurity professionals, it’s the job of universities and high schools to step up, says Eileen Belastock.

$120K for dorm Wi-Fi upgrades? College CIO does it himself instead

by Jake Williams

For Illinois College Assistant CIO Marc Benner, drilling holes into cement walls became part of his job description as he replaced legacy Wi-Fi infrastructure.

DOD, IC leaders push for diversity in IT workforce

by Billy Mitchell

Diversity in thought, diversity in culture and diversity in experiences are critical to national security, according to leaders from the DOD and IC.

How Girl Scouts built a cyber challenge that made girls feel included

by Betsy Foresman

In computer science classes that are often mostly boys, girls say finding a place in STEM is tough. The Girl Scouts are asking students how to fix it.

Fun and games can raise cybersecurity awareness in state government

by Ryan Johnston

North Carolina's capture-the-flag exercise is extending cybersecurity concerns beyond the office of the chief information officer.

Indiana chosen for National Guard's latest cyber battalion

by Colin Wood

The country's fifth cyber battalion will provide a "larger blanket of protection" against the United States' adversaries.

House bill would require IoT cybersecurity training for federal employees

by Dave Nyczepir

The Office of Management and Budget would ensure the training if a new House bill becomes law.