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North Carolina’s election-security drills were 2020 preparation

by Colin Wood

State CIO Eric Boyette said the cross jurisdictional exercises are one piece of an extensive cybersecurity program running throughout the state.

DHS lacks a cyber workforce strategy four years later

by Dave Nyczepir

Without proper staffing and training, the department can't be sure federal systems are secure, according to the Office of Inspector General.

Texas starts mandatory cybersecurity training for government employees

by Benjamin Freed

A new law requires nearly all state and local employees across the Lone Star State to undergo annual cybersecurity education.

Report: Agencies need better data on the skilled technical workforce

by Dave Nyczepir

There will be 3.4 million unfilled skilled technical jobs nationwide by 2022, including IT and cybersecurity positions critical to government.

CISA launches contest to identify top cyber talent in government

by Dave Nyczepir

The winning person or team is eligible for up to a $50,000 bonus from their home agency.

First GEAR Center challenge winners focus on expanding cyber workforce, improving use of data

by Tajha Chappellet-Lanier

Ideas highlight the importance of developing a cybersecurity workforce, and using data for more effective governance.

University of Pennsylvania launches cybersecurity boot camp

by Colin Wood

Faculty say the program is essential not only for the region's workforce, but to offset the financial costs cyberattacks cost the country each year.

Army’s new cyber units come with serious workforce challenges, GAO finds

by Jackson Barnett

The Army is facing a range of staffing, equipment and training issues as it shifts to face the future of warfare.

Why the United States needs more cybersecurity experts — badly

by Betsy Foresman

Alan Paller, founder of the SANS Institute, says a "cyber pandemic" threatens national security and the only solution is to train more professionals.