Study finds digital alerts boost STEM student success

by Betsy Foresman

Recent research found students were more likely to stay enrolled in their universities if they opted into receiving digital alerts.

Arkansas expands stipend program for computer science teachers

by Betsy Foresman

With the goal of expanding the availability of computer science programs in the state, up to $10,000 will be awarded to computer science teachers.

Virginia forms STEM education commission to tackle workforce issues

by Colin Wood

The new advisory body will seek opportunities for public-private partnership and improve educational access across demographic groups.

Congress wants to give DOD a top IT workforce recruitment official

by Jackson Barnett

The latest versions of the fiscal 2020 National Defense Authorization Act would aim to upgrade the Department of Defense’s IT workforce by adding a new high-level position for digital recruitment. Provisions in both the House and Senate versions would make retaining a digitally capable workforce a priority. The new position included in the Senate legislation would

How one charity is boosting the STEM workforce by teaching underserved adults

by Eileen Abbott

When Dennis Bragg recently learned that a student on the autism spectrum who was struggling to find a job had been hired by a major technology company, he was very happy. “It was a great moment to watch him go from playing video games in his room to getting a job with Microsoft,” reports a joyful Bragg. It also speaks to the success of Bragg’s Agile Charities Software Development and…

How Virginia Tech's innovation campus could transform the technology talent pipeline

by Betsy Foresman

Northern Virginia, like many regions in the U.S., is confronted with a shortage of technology professionals, which the state and Virginia Tech hope to mitigate through a $1.1 billion investment designed to bolster and expand educational opportunities in computer science and other STEM fields, university officials told reporters in a media briefing Wednesday. Although the Washington metro area has the most computer science graduates of any region in North America,…

Dallas schools are winning back students with new focus on innovation

by Ryan Johnston

Over the last 15 years, Dallas Independent School District has lost 35,000 students to new charter and private schools in the city. The plan to get them back, led by Deputy Chief of Transformation and Innovation Angie Gaylord, is to redesign all 230 schools in the district with new academic focuses. Many schools are getting new buildings and principals, while others are narrowing in their curriculums on skills that reflect…

There's a gap in education that only industry can fill, report says

by Ryan Johnston

High schools are teaching students a curriculum that prepares them for a future that doesn’t exist, according to a recent report from an education nonprofit. According to the America Achieves Educator Networks, or AAEN — an initiative of the nonprofit accelerator America Achieves, which supports best practices and policy research among K-12 and higher education — if schools can’t understand the future of work, then they need to turn students’…

Pennsylvania governor spends $9.6 million on computer science training, education

by Colin Wood

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf announced on Monday an additional $9.6 million in grants to support education technology in K-12 institutions across the state. The funding follows a similar award of $8.7 million in grants announced last month. The new funding, which falls under the governor’s PAsmart initiative, designed to improve STEM education and computer science, will be awarded to 24 educational institutions and community organizations providing science and technology education.…