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South Carolina readies cyber workforce initiative to bridge industry, academia, government

by Ryan Johnston

South Carolina is taking steps to strengthen its cybersecurity posture. Last week, Gov. Henry McMaster announced the formation of a new office at the North Augusta Municipal Center for SC Cyber, the state’s initiative and liaison between industry, academia and government for cybersecurity development.  The office will work to meet the region’s “growing cyber related educational and workforce demands,” a statement says. McMaster touted the move as a positive one to build developmental and…

Why autonomous vehicles might accelerate the theft of personal information

by Jim DeLorenzo

The impact autonomous cars will have on cities and communities is massive. But are we ready?  One study found only 6 percent of U.S. city and regional transportation plans address the potential effects of driverless technology. Self-driving cars stand to benefit societies by potentially reducing traffic accidents, creating better air quality and bringing more productivity to people’s days when they aren’t wasting time stuck behind the wheel. But there’s also a…

Local government agencies remain concerned about lack of cyber awareness

by Public Technology Institute

Local government agencies across the country are concerned about cybersecurity awareness. In a “Quick Poll” of local government IT officials, the Public Technology Institute found that “lack of awareness by end users/government employees” ranked as the No. 1 concern when it comes to cybersecurity. That top concern was followed closely by a need for financial resources to help address cybersecurity challenges. The poll was conducted in September 2017 as part…

Statewide approach to cybersecurity monitoring in California brings better visibility, faster threat detection

by Jason Shueh

An upgrade is coming for the cybersecurity operation in the state that spends the most money on technology annually. In July, California officially launched its Security Operations Center — a 24-hour-a-day unit tasked with monitoring threats from the state’s dozens of departments, agencies and offices. While the center had been in the works for the past several months, the SOC is now entering its second of four phases of growth, Chief Information Security Officer Peter Liebert…