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MS-ISAC members get access to other industries' cyber intel

by Benjamin Freed

Members of the cybersecurity group for state and local agencies can access a Deloitte website that collects threat intelligence for a variety of sectors, the consulting firm said.

AI-supported ‘superteams’ key to future of federal workforce: Deloitte

by Jackson Barnett

The consultancy advocates the creation of new team structures that give technology the status of a staff member.

Pandemic was a 'tipping point' for government modernization

by Benjamin Freed

A new report from Deloitte found that COVID-19 pushed many agencies from "doing digital" to "becoming digital." Now the challenge is to make it last.

AI could mean massive reskilling initiatives for the federal workforce

by Carten Cordell

Leaders from across the federal government have been banging the drum lately about the promises that artificial intelligence and automation hold for assisting an overwhelmed federal workforce. But to ensure that AI can be the “coworker” that tackles all of the time-crushing, labor-intensive work federal employees are accustomed to, it’s going to take a massive