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IBM names recipients of K-12 cybersecurity grants

by Benjamin Freed

Six school districts around the country will receive $500,000 in services from the computing giant to help defend themselves against threats like ransomware.

House members propose $500 million in state and local cyber grants

by Benjamin Freed

"A dedicated cybersecurity grant program is long overdue," said NASCIO, which has lobbied for more federal support to fight threats like ransomware.

DHS to hire 200 more cyber pros as Biden administration grapples with hacking threats

by Sean Lyngaas

It's part of “the most significant hiring initiative” the department has ever undertaken, according to Alejandro Mayorkas.

D.C. police chief confirms personnel files stolen in ransomware attack

by Benjamin Freed

The group responsible, Babuk, said it's shutting down, though many ransomware actors simply regroup under different names.

CISA has already hired 20 state cybersecurity coordinators, acting director says

by Benjamin Freed

The new officials, who act as risk advisers, are part of the agency's ongoing fight against ransomware.

IBM plans grant program to help schools fend off ransomware

by Benjamin Freed

The company plans to give six school districts $500,000 worth of its cybersecurity expertise to improve their defenses against the ongoing threat.

Baltimore worker stole funds during cyberattack, city watchdog says

by Benjamin Freed

A city sanitation worker embezzled as much as $455 by shredding tickets that had to be handwritten when a ransomware attack disabled electronic payments.