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Want to collaborate on cyber? Just ask, city officials say

by Benjamin Freed

Getting state and local governments to work together is all about knowing who to call and being persistent about it, speakers said during an online conference.

How Michigan is becoming the model for building a cyber workforce

by Benjamin Freed

Michigan’s extraordinary network of research universities continues to produce an abundance of skilled high-tech professionals.

Michigan's CISO-as-a-service initiative is so popular the state might spin it off

by Benjamin Freed

Last year, Michigan began offering its smaller cities and counties cybersecurity help. The idea was that even if local governments became more reliant on technology, they might not be able to afford full-time information security personnel. Through offering assessments and remedies, the state effectively began offering its services as a chief information security officer for hire. The program has been so successful for the nine local governments that participated, that the state’s top information technology officials are trying to…

Cyber ranges are bolstering the workforce in these six states

by Colin Wood

More frequently, states are turning to specially equipped computer labs that provide virtual environments simulating what IT security workers face during cyberattacks. With facilities now in various stages of completion in Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Michigan, Virginia and Georgia, cyber ranges are quickly becoming a mainstay in government’s strategy for competing with the public sector for talent and filling a widening workforce gap. Cyber ranges let users do things they can’t do…