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Montana is retiring its mainframe

by Colin Wood

With just three legacy applications left, officials say they’re nearly ready to move on to a new era in computing.

Wisconsin energizes mainframe workforce with interns

by Colin Wood

Cybersecurity specialists and data scientists may be in high demand, but Wisconsin Chief Information Officer David Cagigal said Monday that he knows of a technology people can study that will make them attractive to employers and eligible for lucrative positions in the workforce: mainframes. Though at least one recent survey showed that some states are attempting to distance themselves from the technology, mainframes aren’t going anywhere, Cagigal said at the…

Why NASTD's mainframe survey warrants a closer look

by Claire Bailey

This summer, the National Association of State Technology Directors released survey results indicating a rather bleak future for the mainframe in state government IT. News coverage seemed to imply that state IT teams couldn’t migrate off the platform fast enough. But before IT leaders consider this as just the latest validation to abandon their mainframes, they’d be well advised to take a closer look. The survey does make valid points — for example, a…

State technology offices continue pushing away from the mainframe

by Colin Wood

Mainframes, the giant computers that house many of state government’s most critical services, are continuing their crawl out the door, according to state technology leaders who responded to a recent survey. Data presented by the National Association of State Technology Directors at the group’s annual conference in Big Sky, Montana, this week revealed that challenges surrounding cost and workforce are continuing to push the technology out of government. Some surveyed said…