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Minnesota's new Cyber Range is like a 'flight simulator for cyberattacks'

by Mark Satter

Minnesota’s Metropolitan State University opened its new MN Cyber Range this month, offering cybersecurity certifications and a first-of-its-kind system in the state described as “a flight simulator for cyber attacks.” The cyber range, which officially opened on May 16, is located on the Metropolitan State University’s campus in St. Paul, and is the result of a public-private partnership between the university, the Minnesota State IT Center of Excellence, and Israel-based aerospace and…

Cyber ranges are bolstering the workforce in these six states

by Colin Wood

More frequently, states are turning to specially equipped computer labs that provide virtual environments simulating what IT security workers face during cyberattacks. With facilities now in various stages of completion in Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Michigan, Virginia and Georgia, cyber ranges are quickly becoming a mainstay in government’s strategy for competing with the public sector for talent and filling a widening workforce gap. Cyber ranges let users do things they can’t do…