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As Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe passes the torch, his technology Cabinet looks back

by Colin Wood

On Saturday, Gov.-elect Ralph Northam will be sworn in as Virginia’s new leader, replacing Terry McAuliffe and bringing a new Cabinet with him. And while the incoming Democrat has telegraphed his intention to continue the commonwealth’s efforts on technology workforce development, education, economic development, data analytics and autonomous systems, the transition marks the end of a short but influential pro-technology reign under McAuliffe. Northam hasn’t yet named his secretary of…

Sacramento wants to become the next big tech center

by Colin Wood

A new initiative called the Sacramento Urban Technology Lab is the California capital's bid to become a global influencer in the emerging technologies market.

Why autonomous vehicles might accelerate the theft of personal information

by Jim DeLorenzo

The impact autonomous cars will have on cities and communities is massive. But are we ready?  One study found only 6 percent of U.S. city and regional transportation plans address the potential effects of driverless technology. Self-driving cars stand to benefit societies by potentially reducing traffic accidents, creating better air quality and bringing more productivity to people’s days when they aren’t wasting time stuck behind the wheel. But there’s also a…