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Identity, access tools essential to IT security, but states lag on implementation

by StateScoop Staff

Stolen and recycled passwords pose critical security risks for state and local government agencies. Those risks are expected to intensify as demand to support more applications grows over the next year, according to a new report. IT leaders indicated in a report produced by StateScoop and underwritten by Okta that their agencies recognize how identity and access management (IAM) practices can help address security and other IT support issues. However,…

How to strengthen security seamlessly with cloud

by WorkScoop Staff

State and local government agencies are turning to cloud to streamline and strengthen their organizations' cybersecurity efforts.

Why autonomous vehicles might accelerate the theft of personal information

by Jim DeLorenzo

The impact autonomous cars will have on cities and communities is massive. But are we ready?  One study found only 6 percent of U.S. city and regional transportation plans address the potential effects of driverless technology. Self-driving cars stand to benefit societies by potentially reducing traffic accidents, creating better air quality and bringing more productivity to people’s days when they aren’t wasting time stuck behind the wheel. But there’s also a…