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Trump administration releases data skills catalog, ethics framework

by Billy Mitchell

As part of the Federal Data Strategy 2020 Action Plan, the White House recently published a curated data skills catalog and a data ethics framework for public comment.

OMB calls for Federal Data Strategy detailees for agencies

by Dave Nyczepir

Detailees will work with their agencies' chief data officers to implement the 2020 FDS Action Plan and develop one for 2021.

Federal Data Strategy working group advises agencies on assessing employees’ data skills

by Dave Nyczepir

The new playbook is design to support action 4 of the strategy's 2020 Action Plan.

OMB seeks new chief statistician

by Dave Nyczepir

The position, overseeing the federal government’s decentralized statistical system, has been filled in an acting capacity since January.

DHS still finding a balance between enterprise architecture and CDO functions

by Dave Nyczepir

As more agencies within the federated department appoint chief data officers, enterprise architecture shops are having to adjust to dual-hatting.