Our brands

  • CyberScoop is the leading media brand in the cybersecurity market. With more than 6.0M monthly unique engagements, CyberScoop reports on news and events impacting technology and security. CyberScoop reaches top cybersecurity leaders both online and in-person through our website, newsletter, events, radio and TV to engage a highly targeted audience of cybersecurity decision makers and influencers.

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  • FedScoop is the leading tech media brand in the federal government market. With more than 3.6M monthly unique engagements, FedScoop gathers top leaders from the White House, federal agencies, academia and the tech industry to discuss ways technology can improve government and identify ways to achieve common goals. With our website, newsletter and events, we’ve become the community’s go-to platform for news, education and collaboration.

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  • EdScoop is the leading media brand in the higher education IT market. With more than 1.2M monthly unique engagements, EdScoop features the latest news and conversations among the top leaders driving technology and digital learning in higher ed. With our website, newsletter and events, EdScoop uniquely attracts the most influential IT decision makers at universities around the world.

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  • StateScoop is the leading media brand in the state and local government market. With more than 2.0M monthly unique engagements, StateScoop reports on news and events impacting technology decisions in state and local government. With our website, daily newsletter and events, we bring together IT leaders and innovators from across government, academia and industry to exchange best practices and identify ways to improve state and city government.

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  • WorkScoop is positioned at the intersection of the government, tech industry and academia, covering the latest news and trends around the most critical topic in the public sector technology space: the workforce. With more than 688K monthly unique engagements, WorkScoop engages top government and technology leaders to discuss ways to recruit, hire, retain, develop and reskill top talent for a more effective IT workforce, bridging the gap between the decision makers in search of top technologists today and the IT leaders of tomorrow.

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